When to Get New Dentures

Even if you aren’t a dentist Melbourne expert you would know when it’s time to get new dentures for the first time. Any person can lose teeth, thereby making false teeth an obvious need. It’s important to realize though that the first time you get dentures may not be the only time you may have to request for them. A dentist may have to recommend succeeding molding and installation sessions.

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Teeth fall off because of several different reasons. Two of the most common reasons are tooth decay and trauma. In these cases, a person’s natural reaction is to ask for replacements because of a desire to look and feel better. Indeed, not having a complete set in your mouth can obviously alter your smile or even the shape of your face and lips. In most cases though, people need full or partial dentures not just to improve their appearances. These are also necessary because tooth loss can lead to changes in bite and misalignment of remaining teeth.

There are two major types that you can ask your dentist about. Some people may require total replacement while others may only need to have false structures installed for one or two vacant areas. It may seem all too clear which one you would require but it is always best to ask a specialist to first perform a complete assessment of your oral health before a recommendation for denture type can be given. Without you knowing it, you may actually need complete dentures even if you still have some remaining teeth.

After getting your dentures, you might not need to get new ones to replace your first set until after a few years. It is incorrect to think though that you don’t need dental evaluations just because you have a good set of false teeth. You still need to see an expert to have your gums and attachments checked.

A lot of people actually take for granted that artificial dental structures don’t last forever. Your new set is therefore still prone to wear and tear no matter how well constructed it is or how durable the material is. This however, is not the only impending issue with new dentures. Aside from wearing off, they could eventually become ill fitting. Despite having been made to specifically fit you, your gums and internal bone structure will eventually change through time. Hence, false structures may become loose or may become misaligned.

Sometimes, adhesives are all you will need to fix dentures that don’t fit well. This however is only a temporary solution. The time will come when tissues will fill the area between the teeth and gums. Adhesives may be able to retain teeth but the growth of tissues will make them wobbly and unstable. This can lead to moving dentures that can become apparent even when talking. Aside from causing discomfort, you can also expect to get reasonably embarrassed.

You may not want to request for new dentures. If you already have a set on, you might think it will be all you will ever need for the rest of your life. Do keep in mind that nothing lasts forever, including your false teeth. Have yours checked by a Windsor dentist to see when you might need a fresh set.

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