Wheelchair Accessible Desks Are An Important Component Of Any Workplace And School

Lots of people in wheelchairs have office jobs, and you probably have never put much thought into it. It’s something that employers need to consider, however, when they hire a disabled worker. This individual is going to need a few special accommodations in order to make their work area much more comfortable for them. They may require aisles to be widened slightly, ramps instead of stairs, and a wheelchair accessible desk designed for use by an individual seated in a wheelchair. Although these special considerations are no reason never to hire the perfect applicant for the position, they are still something which employers have to consider when getting ready for a new worker, as many have still not taken wheelchair accessible construction into consideration for their particular structures.

Latest Wheelchair Accessible Desks Amazon products

AD-AS Knob-Adjusted Wheelchair Accessible Desk – Tilt Adjustment

  • Desktop Surface: Laminate
  • Frame Finish: Powder coated
  • Book Box Size: 6″ W x 14″ D x 14″ H
  • Assembly Time: 10 minutes
  • Warranty: 2 years

Provide a comfortable workspace for physically-challenged employees with the AD-AS Knob-Adjusted Wheelchair Accessible School Desk. Adjust the height from 23 inches to 33 inches to accommodate most wheelchair sizes and styles. Tilt the desk top from 0 degrees to 50 degrees to best fit the needs of each user. A 1/2-inch lip keeps pencils and books from sliding when the surface is tilted. The book box allows you to store supplies and materials without giving up knee space.

AD-AS Knob-Adjusted Wheelchair Accessible Desk – Tilt Adjustment

There are numerous styles of wheelchair accessible desks available, and something can be made to go with any kind of office décor. They are made to be very open underneath their tops, offering a wheelchair as much area as it needs. In addition there are many optional components which you may or may not need to buy. A few desks contain a storage cubicle underneath which is located on one side to increase the amount of space under the desk for the wheelchair. Numerous desks are adjustable so that they are appropriate for any person from Kindergarten up through adulthood.

Schools must have wheelchair accessible desks available for students who require them. Individuals in wheelchairs are not the only ones that may need them, though. More and more students are becoming obese and can’t fit in a regular-sized desk. Getting wheelchair accessible desks in each classroom provides these students an area to sit down without needing to make an issue of their weight. Most of these desks have lockable casters at the base so that they can be relocated around the room or perhaps the building if so required.

Handicapped individuals do appreciate having the devices they need to put in a great work day or school. By giving them wheelchair accessible desks, you are providing them with suitable work and computer stations so that they can be just as effective as everybody else, if not more so.

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