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Under the nose and above the chin is where the teeth are found, but what else do you know about these things that you have at some stage of your life? Here are the answers to some of our frequently asked questions on teeth. There are different kinds of teeth because each one serves a different function. Front teeth are also called, incisors. Not only the sharpest, these are also used to shovel food in. The canine teeth can be found in the mouth’s corner. These function well in tearing and grasping food and their distinct characteristic are their long roots. Premolars serve in crushing food with their flat surfaces and they are found at the back of canine teeth. The ones that are bigger and with surfaces larger and flatter than the premolars are the molars. Food is broken down into small portions courtesy of these.

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The Excruciating History of Dentistry: Toothsome Tales & Oral Oddities from Babylon to Braces

The tooth is made up of two basic parts: the crown and the root. Around 66 percent of the tooth length is the root which can be found under the gum line, while the crown is the one you readily see once you open your mouth. A distinct kind of tissue makes up every single one of our teeth. The tooth is protected from the wear and tear of chewing by a durable covering known as the enamel. The dentin is the part that supports the enamel, carries nerve fibers and looks yellow and bone like. The pulp is where the nerves, lymph vessels and blood resides and it is also the center of the tooth. You will gain a deeper understanding about dentist sydney by checking out that resource.

The brain receives messages from the pulp and it is also the one responsible for nourishing the teeth. Our teeth are connected to the jaw bones by the one that covers it, the part known as the cementum. The periodontal ligament cushions the tooth while it connects the cementum and jawbone.

Do you really know how braces work apart from the fact that it has become a popular tool in fixing the teeth?Straight teeth do not only help in giving one good looks, but it also enhances the right ways of speaking and better chewing. Cavities easily find its way to teeth that are hard to clean due to crooked and unnatural spaces. When crooked teeth affect the jaw lines, pain and extreme discomfort may arise.

These things can be corrected by orthodontic treatments such as braces and retainers.In time, orthodontic treatments work effectively in straightening our the misaligned teeth especially ones that have moved from where their place is. Braces are comprised of brackets , bonds that connect these brackets to the teeth and the arch wires that run throughout the teeth. If you’re looking to learn about dental clinic, visit their site for more details.

These days, many patients with orthodontic needs can get braces that are transparent and can attach to the back of the teeth. Braces have indeed come a very long way since the train tracks of old.After using these, there might be a need to put retainers next. Retainers are small custom made tooth gear that keep teeth in their straight positions. These hold the answer in minor orthodontic problems. Beauty and overall wellness can be achieved by having straight and healthy teeth. Knowing how to care for our teeth and more will truly aid us in achieving not only good health but also give reasons to make us smile.

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