Taking A Look at Johnson & Johnson’s Profits After The DePuy Hip Replacement Recall

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The DePuy hip replacement recall has been so popular that almost everyone can still remember the issue up to now. People have assumed that the parent company of DePuy Orthopaedics which is Johnson & Johnson would lose a lot of profits as the incident happens to be a very negative one. However, this assumption was proven false as Johnson & Johnson still gained $3.42 billion worth of profits on the same quarter when the implants were recalled.

As you may recall, a lot of lawsuits were filed against DePuy for selling their defective implants for the public to buy. This recalled implants were supposed to alleviate the pains of the patient but instead made them worse. It was only natural that the company would lose a lot of profits due to the diminishing trust of the public on the company.

Did Johnson & Johnson’s profits ever affected by the DePuy hip recall? The profits of Johnson & Johnson are still up according to the Wall Street Journal. Being particular with the issue, Johnson & Johnson’s medical devices’ sales even rose up to 1% to $5.92 billion dollars. The expected sales in this field are quite high so this is still seen as a poor profit. Could this be an effect of the increasing lawsuits against them?

Although Johnson & Johnson has acknowledged the fact that they are not acquiring large profits this year, they do not blame it on the lawsuits that came with the recalling of their implants. Rather, the company blames it on the economic conditions. The company believes that people are not willing to shell out big bucks at this time of the year considering that recessions are happening. This condition is seen as the reason why people have changed their spending habits.

People who have filed a lawsuit against DePuy can be thankful for this. We can see a little justice for this event. It is safe to say that the public is losing their trust on Johnson & Johnson despite the company not acknowledging it. In addition, this should be a learning experience for all companies in terms of responsibility.

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