Sugar, Not Refined Foods Or Starches Source Of Cavities In Western Societies

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A familiar TV commercial about a child going to her father to show that she had a cavity would explain the current state of dental health in the nation. Upon reaching the age of 21, the child’s boast of one cavity will not mean a thing because he will have had much more by then.

Having cavities is a common disease. It is the effect of various factors. Just like heart disease, dental diseases can be found within families without an explanation for it. Rules of good dental health must still be strictly followed even if your grandfather may have a good dental history. He may have lived in an area where the water supply was naturally high in fluoride. Consumption of sweets may not have been an issue. Maybe he washed his mouth with salt water and brushed with tooth powder to keep his teeth clean. For further insights on dentist sydney be sure to visit that site.

There are other things one can still do. You can push the local government to fluoridate the drinking water. A child would have far less cavities if they drink fluoridated water, studies show. Actually, fluoridation is a safe and economical procedure which also seems to help hold the calcium in the bones of older people, thus retarding the onset of osteoporosis which makes the aged so susceptible to fractures.

Food with sugar should be taken in small amounts only. Keep away from sugar in sticky forms. Before dental caries are formed, plaque first appears on the teeth. Plaque actually shelters a kind of bacteria responsible for producing teeth corroding acid. The bacteria feeds on a substance known as dextran.

It is better to eat sugar during a meal than between meals, studies show. Mothers from Britain have gone to the habit of letting their infants suck from pacifiers with a small amount of syrup. Apparently, there is still one medical curiosity that might make you think twice. Gain a better understanding relating to dentists sydney australia.

Hereditary fructose intolerance affects families. When these people eat sucrose or fructose, they are most likely going to wind up feeling sick. People with this condition stay away from sucrose. Although they eat food containing much carbohydrates, cavities is hardly a problem for them.

The frequent occurrence of cavities in Western nations is a result of sugar consumption. Remember, too, that the mouth particularly gums and teeth are sensitive to your nutritional state, in general. A number of vitamins and minerals are needed by your body for proper tooth formation and dental health. Chewing on hard food will actually help in cleaning teeth and also in stimulating gums.

Dental repairs from the dentist and tooth brushing are a must, as we can now clearly see. Otherwise, you could be looking at a bleak dental future.

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