Is Taking Black Cohosh for Menopause Support Effective?

Most women would say that they are the strongest between the sexes. Women have naturally withstood cramps from menstruation, labor pains in motherhood and towards the later years in life, they will overcome menopause. Of the three natural tests of strengths, only one can be skipped, the remaining two is mandatory. Ordinarily, one would think that menopause would be the easiest since it is the finale. It sure is, but one still has to go through hot flashes. It is the sudden and intense hotness on the face and the upper part of the body. It came with sweating, headaches, increased heart pace and a sudden gush of weakness. It isn’t funny when it comes and most of the times, it is distressing to them. Luckily, dietary breakthroughs have come to alleviate these symptoms. The common ingredient among dietary supplements is Black cohosh for menopause symptoms.

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Remifemin Menopause Herbal Supplement, Estrogen Free, 120 Tablets

In the olden days, this herb is used in teas. The roots and the underground stems, either fresh or dried, are brewed as herbal infusions. They have also been extracted as solid or liquid extracts. Black cohosh has also been used in treating irregular menstrual cycles, premenstrual syndromes and utilized to induce labor in pregnant women who have difficulty in delivering their babies.

From teas to extracts and nowadays in capsules; black cohosh is still prevalent in certain dietary supplements for menopause. One such medicine is Menozac. Since this whole scenario is triggered by the decreased level so f estrogen and progestin, hormone therapy became a hit a few years ago. They found it to be effective to return the levels of certain hormones. However, it has also shown an alarming increase in the number of health problems that came with it, such as breast cancer and heart ailments. Millions of women heard about the frightening statistics and abandoned the hormone therapy. They turned to good old Mother Nature for cure. They used black cohosh for menopause symptoms.

Medical experts also suggest a change in lifestyle to supplement their treatment for menopause:

• Avoid triggers such as stress, anxiety, spicy foods, alcohol and even hot beverages. These triggers are unique to every woman. Find out what triggers the episode

• Keeping cool at most times: at work, while sleeping, at home by having AC, a fan or ice nearby

• Taking a cool shower before going to bed

• Avoid wearing wool and turtle necks. Choose cotton garments instead

• Exercise

• Switch to a low-fat diet and soy-rich foods

• Herbal supplements like ones that contain black cohosh, such as Menozac

Black cohosh for menopause support has been around for a long time. However, today, it has found its way from apothecaries to drugstores’ shelves and in health shops and even on distributors found on the internet. It is best to ask your health care provider or a health expert on the natural treatments like black cohosh. It doesn’t mean that since a little works, more will do more good. There are also time limits to treatments (i.e. no more than six months). Since every woman is unique, an expert’s opinion will be wise to heed. Maybe menopause can be a walk in the park. Companions like black cohosh for menopause support can be what you just need.

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