How Hearing Aid Shopping Can Be Safer

With the help of the government, the pitfalls associated with shopping for hearing aids can be reduced but people can already be protected if they have the knowhow when it comes to what they should be looking for when they do their shopping.When a person buys a hearing aid the Federal Trade Commission wants the dealers to provide a 30 day money back trial period, this is because 14 1/2 million Americans suffer from hearing impairments and there are half a million of these devices being sold every single year.

Latest Hearing Aids Amazon products

Acoustitone PRO Hearing Aid (Set of 2)

    Give your loved one the only gift that will help them reconnect with their spouse, enjoy playing with their grandchildren, and resume all the pleasurable activities they used to enjoy (church, restaurants, movies, etc)!
  • Doctor-designed PROFESSIONAL hearing aid model. With up to 45db of gain, the MDHearingAid Acoustitone PRO is the best choice for those with Mild, Moderate, or Moderately-Severe hearing loss. Audiologist-tested and Doctor-recommended, the MDHearingAid Acoustitone PRO compares favorably to hearing aids costing $600 or more.
  • Modern appearance, fits discreetly behind the ear (either right or left), and is almost invisible when worn. Comes with various sizes of sized clear ear domes/tips designed to accommodate most adult ears. Uses size 13 batteries readily available in most drug stores.
  • 2-Channel tone control toggle switch to decrease background noise and customize to a predominantly flat or high-frequency hearing loss. Provides amplification of the critical frequencies of the human voice, without overly amplifying background sounds, resulting in a crisp, clear sound
  • Order before December 23, 12PM EST, and choose NEXT DAY SHIPPING during checkout for guaranteed delivery by Christmas.

    FREE STANDARD SHIPPING! when you order a 2nd ACOUSTITONE PRO hearing aid for $149.99. Make sure you choose Package Quantity 2 above next to the main picture.

Have you ever wondered why hearing aids cost so much? The Acoustitone PRO hearing aid was designed by an Ear, Nose & Throat doctor to help the millions of people with hearing loss that cannot afford traditional hearing aids. He tested numerous hearing aids and sound amplifiers below $200, and none were found to adequately amplify the frequencies associated with the human voice (1000-4000Hz). He then created the Acoustitone PRO, MDHearingAid’s Flagship Model. Built to exact specifications, using world class components, the Acoustitone Pro provides sound quality comparable to hearing aids costing hundreds of dollars more….

Acoustitone PRO Hearing Aid (Set of 2)

For the head of the greater Philadelphia hearing aid guild, the majority of the market for hearing aids is made up of senior citizens, all 60 percent of it.About 12 to 13 percent of the hearing aid market is made up of children while the rest are left to those from 18 to 65 years of age.The first step in shopping for hearing aids is a visit to the doctor.Part of the new Food and Drug Administration rule is the necessity of being examined within the last six months including the possession of a prescription stating that a hearing aid is necessary for treatment before a person will be allowed to make a purchase.If you want more comprehensive info on Paul Mirabelle Telus that site will help you.

After they have signed a statement saying that they were advised to get an exam but chose not to go with the evaluation, hearing aid users over the age of 18 will be permitted to buy an aid.An FDA spokesman, said the evaluation is necessary because hearing loss is only a symptom of disease.The condition may respond to drugs, surgery or even a change of diet.The condition will be treated by a doctor but there are times when further testing is needed from an audiologist or a referral to the hearing aid dispenser is in order.

Regulating the sale of hearing aids in 41 states are licensing laws but these are not as adequate as the people hoped for them to become.After equally taking into consideration the orientation a person brings to the learning process and the expectations he may have for the device, the success or failure of hearing aids can be identified.Early in time, there is no way for any kind of professional to say if a hearing aid will work for someone.

You expose yourself to no peril when you use hearing aids.Other than for remote instances, there is no peril when it comes to residual hearing.Several occasions see people with hearing loss problems that may be handled through medical treatment but these people often go and purchase hearing aids right away without going to the doctor and these cause problems.You will find info on Paul Mirabelle CEO by visiting that site.

Buyers should comparison shop for an aid just as they would for any other product.You can give them a call to inquire about how much everything will cost including a year of service.Refuse to accept a product without a warranty.Most of the time the warranty for a hearing aid will be extended to two years should there be any problems with regard to factory defects and breakdowns.From the packaging, to the shipping and repairs, to the delivery back to where you are, all of these will be done for you by the dealer the minute you turn over your device.

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