How Alkaline Foods, Alkaline Drinks and Calcium Combat Indigestion

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Alkaline foods, alkaline drinks, and calcium provide natural alternatives to battle indigestion. Anyone who has ever experienced acid reflux or heartburn knows that fiery feeling in the chest and stomach. The problem is that the typical diet includes too many acidic foods and drinks that leave an acid residue in the body. Coffee, beer, wine, soft drinks, some teas, and even sport drinks and vitamin waters all contribute to acidification and its side effects. On the other hand, a diet high in alkaline foods will help the body neutralzie the acid.

Alkaline Foods and Alkaline Drinks Provide Balance

The body is designed to maintain a delicate alkaline to acid ratio and the more we help it by choosing the right variety of alkaline foods and alkaline drinks, the better it functions. For instance, soft drinks are some of the most popluar things that people consume on a regular basis and they are very acidic. Colas are so acidic that they can remove rust from a car bumper. Imagine what it must be doing on the inside of the body. Inversely, alkaline drinks give the body another weapon in the fight to alkalize the body. Heartburn, acid reflux and indigestion are all signs that the body is out of balance. Choosing alkaline foods and drinks more often gives the body the right nutrients to reduce the acid and maintain a healthy pH balance.

Calcium is among the most valuable minerals in the battle against indigestion, heartburn, and acid reflux. When food and drink choices are highly acid forming, the body must acquire minerals, such as calcium, to attempt to neutralize the situation. Unfortunately, the best place for the body to attain calcium is in the bones. So, when the consumption of alkaline foods and alkaline drinks is not part of the daily diet, bones lose calcium easier than they should, resulting in osteoporosis and other health challenges. It should also be noted that stress adds to an overly acidic diet while calcium from alkaline foods can produce a calming, balanced effect.

A body that is always in an acid state can have less oxygen in the blood, a weaker immune system, gout, back pain, muscle loss and kidney stones. Chronic degenerative conditions, like cancer, also tend to develop in an overly acidic environment. Alkaline foods and alkaline drinks give the body more tools to maintain a healthy balance before the red flags become ambulance sirens.

A diet that lacks enough alkaline foods may also contribute to a bloated feeling after eating. Keep in mind that we are talking about the acid or alkaline ash generated by the metabolization of the nutrients in the food after consumption. For example, lemon is assumed to be acidic, but it leaves an alkaline residue due to its mineral makeup. Some health practitioners suggest that a proper balance for regaining health is best achieved by sticking to a diet of only 20% acid foods and 80% alkaline foods. For maintaining health, a mix of forty percent acid foods and sixty percent alkaline foods is adequate.

Everett Smith invented the free alkaline food test at for consumers to understand more clearly how alkaline foods and alkaline drinks enhance a healthy body.

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