Grinding Teeth at Night Can Create Problems

Most people will eventually grind teeth at some point in their lives. This makes this an almost normal activity. That is however, only if it is performed occasionally. There might be a real problem that needs Melbourne dental attention if gnashing is done on a regular basis. Gnashing at night while sleeping gives even more cause for concern.

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Dental Schools in Australia: Sydney Faculty of Dentistry, Melbourne Dental School, James Cook University School of Medicine and Dentistry

An individual who gnashes all the time often isn’t fully aware of the act. This is even if he does this when he is fully awake. Obviously though, grinders are most unaware of the act when done at night because they may be deep in sleep. This is what can lead to problems. Teeth grinding can slowly ruin the teeth by wearing it down. Extreme grinding of teeth can also lead to receding gums. Furthermore, an individual with this issue may end up with throbbing head pains, facial discomfort, ear pain and TMJ problems.

By all appearances, the condition should not be snubbed. If you take things for granted you could easily face months or even years of pain and distress. You might even have to bear budding complications that might not respond to mild treatment. The situation can definitely get tricky if you have to submit to complicated dental steps. Furthermore, not fixing the problem could lead to difficulties for your sleeping partner as well since gnashing does cause noise.

A big issue with grinding teeth at night is the difficulty of determining if you do have the problem. If you have a sleeping partner, he might be able to tell you about it. If however, you don’t sleep with someone in the same room, you’d have no other choice but to pay close attention to the symptoms yourself. Always remember though that some symptoms can be confused with the symptoms of completely unrelated conditions.

The best way to determine if you do have the condition is to go for regular dental check-ups. For long term issues, a routine check will reveal if there are any signs of gradual wearing or damage. These are clues that may lead your dentist to suspect that you do grind teeth a lot. If you experience any other form of discomfort in your mouth or on your face, you would do well to tell your dentist about it to help support indications of the condition.

Various experts cite a variety of possible causes. This is significant because different causes require different solutions. Some say that stress, tension and anxiety are the main culprits behind the problem. This is when patients may have to go through behavior therapy and relaxation sessions.

There are also some experts who say that the condition is truly more of a long standing habit that’s just hard to break. Some behavioral approaches may help remedy bad habits but a cheaper approach to address this dental issue is to simply use teeth guards.

There are different guards that can stop grinding teeth at night. You can easily buy some over the counter. In most cases though, it is best to ask a dentist Melbourne specialist to mold custom guards for you. This is the best way to make sure that the guards you use fit well and don’t slip off when you sleep at night.

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