Digestive Enzyme Supplements – How Would Everyone Benefit?

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Omega-Zyme by Garden of Life contains the number one selling digestive enzyme blend offered by any natural product. The blend includes a combination of twenty digestive enzymes geared toward aiding in digestion of foods such as nuts, beans, broccoli, and seeds. It also helps with digestion of carbohydrates, proteins, starches, sugars, dairy products, and fats.

The digestive enzymes in the human body serve a very important purpose. They break down foods in order to help with digestion. Fermented and raw foods are rich in these enzymes, but the cooked and processed foods that many of us eat have lost these essential components. It then becomes the body’s job to create more enzymes in order to help with the digestive process. Because enzymes die off once they are used, the body could realistically be in a continual state of enzyme generation, which is very draining on the human system.

Enzymes work by breaking down food into nutrients that are then absorbed and used by the body. Functions such as food digestion, bowel function, and tissue maintenance rely on this process. It is sometimes difficult for us to eat large amounts of raw foods in order to get the necessary amount of enzymes. The addition of Omega-Zyme to one’s diet will help the body produce these enzymes.

Food, indigenous digestive, and metabolic enzymes are all essential to the human system. The cells, organs, and tissues rely on metabolic enzymes in order to properly function. The foods we ingest supply food enzymes that break down food before digestive enzymes begin their job. However, the large amount of cooked and processed foods consumed by many people result in a lack of food enzymes in many internal systems.

The pancreas secretes indigenous digestive enzymes into the small intestine. These digestive enzymes take over after the food enzymes have done their job. Omega-Zyme adds much-needed additional enzymes and microorganisms to the system. The product includes ginger, turmeric, barley grass, cat’s claw and plant-based enzymes useful in the digestive process.

Whether taking the powder or caplet versions of this product, one will find the results equally noticeable. Take a scoop or two of the power per meal or snack or sprinkle it on food before eating. If the caplet version is preferred, take one or two caplets with each snack and meal. The quantity per day will vary depending on the amount of processed food ingested and the body’s current state of digestive health. To increase cleansing and detoxify the body, take the product on an empty stomach.

Doubters are encouraged to take the product’s challenge in order to witness the results for themselves. Take the product for three to five days with each meal then stop taking it for a day or two. The body’s act of reverting to the earlier state of poor digestion will become immediately evident.

The Garden of Life is an all-natural vegetarian product containing no artificial preservatives or colors. This dietary supplement provides the body with Omega-Zyme essential to proper digestive health. Taking this product on a daily basis will provide a more pleasant dining experience and open up a world of new cuisine options for those who were previously limited in their choices.

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