Bad Gums And Kidney Transplants

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Apart from numerous physical exams, there was one patient who is a 26 year old man from Long Beach, California who expected a series of blood tests before checking into the hospital last July for a long awaited kidney transplant. He was surprised to hear that he had to see a dentist. When it comes to his bad gums, he did not know they mattered. He should be bacteria free for the surgery to happen.

There are doctors and dentists who suspect that gum disease is a serious matter. Everything including diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease and stroke, pregnancy complications, and even some types of cancers can be contributed to by gum disease based on research that has been compiled over the past five years if the condition has persisted for a long time without being treated. Increased when there are oral infections are the risks involved in surgeries including transplantation and cardiac valve replacement. To understand more about dentists in sydney visit this resource.

A periodontist at Boston University said that for years the mouth was not considered to be a part of the body. Based from a study the New England Journal of Medicine published, because it improves the function of blood vessel walls treating severe gum disease can promote better heart health. When it comes to periodontal bacteria bugs, these can be found in the placentas of pregnant women with high blood pressure and the arteries of people with heart disease.

You can say that it is too soon to determine from the evolution of this research that there is a direct connection between gum disease and other ailments. Because of the forceful evidence, the dental and medical professionals who once were mere acquaintances are being united. For the dental insurance industry, this is leading to sweeping changes. Several health insurance companies, particularly those that offer both dental and medical insurance, are beginning to offer free or low cost enhanced dental benefits to certain high risk patients who might experience broader health benefits by having a cleaner mouth.

When the gums are inflamed, this is usually because the bacteria in plaque, the sticky film that forms on teeth, persists for a long time. The body is fighting back when an inflammation develops. Doing more harm than good are unchecked inflammations. Gingivitis which is an inflammation of the superficial structure of the gum is what most American have that can lead to gum disease. For resources on dental clinic check out this site.

What limits the extent of gingivitis include good brushing, flossing, and favorable genetics and this keeps gum disease at bay but there are still 30 to 40 percent of American adults who are affected by this condition of persistent inflammation. Considering 10 percent of them, what they encounter are advanced cases that damage the structures, ligaments, and bone that support the teeth. There are only a few symptoms other than bleeding that is attributed to gum disease which rarely is uncomfortable. When it is already too late, this is when the gums will hurt. When the teeth and gums hurt, the dual forces of infection and inflammation in the mouth have probably reached the bloodstream and are traveling to other parts of the body.

Considering how gum disease and secondary infection are linked, this is through those who have mistral valve heart defects. A warning that has been given by doctors to vale patients is to take antibiotics before teeth cleanings so that the bloodstream is prevented from being infected by bacterial disruption in the mouth. One more method by which gum disease damages the body is through inflammations. What releases toxins are the bacteria in plaque causing the immune system to produce chemicals called cytokines. In excess, cytokines can increase inflammation and damage tissues throughout the body. One culprit in the development of many illnesses including heart disease and cancer is inflammation.

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