Avoid Bad Breath – 5 Foods To Help You

Does your breath stink? Being blatant about it is best especially if you are suffering from chronic bad breath or halitosis. Many people have this problem and they may have already given up on brushing alone just to solve it. Good news for you because there are some foods that are known to help people avoid bad breath.

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Cures for Bad Breath

to work with someone who has bad breath. The good news is that those who have it don’t have to suffer with it; there are lots of options for those who are serious about getting rid of bad breath, and most of them are simple to use. Most bad breath comes from one of two sources, either food particles remaining in your mouth, or not enough moisture in there. Follow our simple steps and you’ll soon be able to talk to your co-workers without worrying about it.

Cures for Bad Breath

But first things first. Maintaining good dental and oral hygiene is the key to it all. That is why you should always brush your teeth at least two times a day, or preferably after eating a meal. You should also floss, again preferably after each meal, and you can also use a mouthwash to complete this daily oral hygiene. However, the most essential that you should do is to visit a dentist Toorak to help take really good care of your teeth and mouth.

And so here are the five foods that you may want to start eating so you can avoid bad breath. Remember that these are just temporary solutions. For severe cases of bad breath, consult your doctor.

1. Do you like yogurt? If not, then start learning to love it.

There are many studies that have shown that yogurt can effectively lower the amount of hydrogen sulfide and bacteria in your mouth. These two are the culprits in giving you a foul smelling breath. So which kind of yogurt you should choose? Basically anything, but preferably one that is low in sugar because you know what sugar can do to your teeth.

2. Chew on certain herbs.

If you think of herbs as just some form of alternative medicine or even just a garnishing on your plate, then it is time that you look at it on a different light. These herbs include spearmint, eucalyptus, rosemary, cardamom, tarragon, and parsley. You are probably very much familiar with spearmint because it is a favorite main ingredient for mints and other candies. If brushing is not an option after a meal, chew on one of these if included on your plate.

3. Fiber will do you good.

You should start eating fruits and vegetables that are rich in fiber because these can help in stimulating your glands to produce a steady stream of saliva. What makes this important? It will help in getting rid of plaque. Foods that are rich in fiber are carrots, celery, and apples.

4. Eat foods that are rich in vitamin C.

You already know that bacteria is often the root cause of bad breath. Now if there are lesser bacteria in your mouth, there will be lesser chances for you to have bad breath. And that is where vitamin C steps in. You see, it helps create a healthier and clean environment in your mouth, getting rid of these bacteria. And that is why you will get fresher breath because of this important vitamin.

5. Chew a gum.

While you might contest that a gum is not really a food, however it is another effective means of keeping your breath fresh for most of the day. What it does is it stimulates your salivary glands and thus creating more saliva. The more saliva you have, the less bacteria will be forming in your mouth. And this in turn helps prevent bad breath.

The five foods listed in this article are just some of the foods that you should try to help you avoid bad breath. Now if you are suffering from a severe case of bad breath, then perhaps it is time that you consult some Melbourne dentists to help you with it.

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